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woodworking projects for kids - The Hulk Kids Crafts and Projects

woodworking projects for kids

woodworking projects for kids

Many little boys love the Hulk. Ever since the new movie came out, there has been a resurgence of popularity or this brutish green hero. Boys love how strong the Hulk can be and they wish to be just like him. If your son likes this classic action hero, then he will likely be very interested in making crafts and projects based on it. There are many things that he can do, and he will likely have a lot of fun doing them. Not only that, but it will mean youll have quality time together and it will keep him busy.

The main theme of the Hulk is his green skin. A good way for your boy to feel connected to his favorite action hero is to emulate him. Pick up some green face paint and let your son turn himself green to match his hero. Also, you can up the ante by cutting one of his old shirts in such a way that it looks like he just became large and enraged, just like the Hulk. This is an especially good project for a Halloween costume. For an added affect, pick up some green spray hair color at a local drug store. Dont worry, it washes right out!

Coloring has been a fun activity for kids to do for decades. They like to use the colors to be creative and have fun. You can find coloring pages on the internet that have a Hulk theme so that your son can color them in. You can also make coloring pages yourself if you have drawing ability.

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woodworking projects for kids

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