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woodworking projects for kids - Flying Superman Kids Craft For Kids Of All Ages To Have Fun With

woodworking projects for kids

woodworking projects for kids

Kids everywhere know who Superman is. He is a favorite among boys. There are girls who like him too. No matter whether the kids like him or not, they will all have fun doing this easy craft. They will be able to have all kinds of fun with their new craft.

Here are the materials that are needed for the flying Superman craft.

Template (You can find this online or draw your own. If you get it online you will have to use two or three pieces of paper because there are two templates that you will need to print out for each kid to do this craft.)

Toilet paper tube



The first step is to print out the templates and then cut them out. You can cut them out or have the kids do it, depending on their age. Now the blue square shape needs to be glued to the top of the toilet paper tube and the red square shape needs to be glued to the bottom of the toilet paper tube. You want to make sure that the whole tube is covered with these two squares because this is the Superman outfit.

Now the Superman belt and the S shape will need to be glued to the appropriate places on the tube. Next the head needs to be wrapped around the tube at the top of the blue part of the tube. The arms need to be glued to the cape with the arms up like he is getting ready to fly. Now glue the cape to the back of the tube, make sure that the red side of the cape is facing the tube. Next, glue the legs onto the front part of the red end of the tube.

The Superman craft is now done and ready for the kids to play with. You can attach a piece of string to the craft if you want to so the kids can hang it up in their room. This way it looks like he is flying.

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woodworking projects for kids

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